Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform is a voluntary and open platform for civil society organizations in Tanzania to come together, self-organize and self-coordinate to ensure their meaningful participation and contribution towards the implementation, follow-up and monitoring of Sustainable Development in Tanzania. The platform is co-convened under UNA Tanzania and Africa Philanthropic Foundation.
Platform has conducted a multistakeholder dialogue with the title “Stakeholder coordination for Tanzania Development Vision 2050 consultations and Voluntary National Review”, However the purpose of this Multi-Stakeholders dialogue was to set up roadmap and action points for CSOs VNR 2023. The participants of the session involved representatives from various CSOs with a total of 50 people (28 male, 22 female)

Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform is responsible for coordinating CSOs in the implementation, monitoring and reporting of Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, the Platform seeks to document civil society organizations’ contributions in the implementation, follow up and monitoring of Sustainable Development in Tanzania, facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experiences, best practices and innovations emerging from civil society organizations.

Moreover, TSDP has coordinated 500 civil society inputs during the 2019 Voluntary National Review (VNR) which led to the first ever CSOs VNR Report presented during the High Level Political Forum in New York, United States. However, when the process to develop the Five Year Development Plan III kicked off in 2020, UNA Tanzania and the Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform coordinated CSOs and Young people to collect recommendations to inform the process. The main objective of the meeting was to Plan on the roadmap of CSOs role in development and monitoring on VNR 2023

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