Vacancy – Regional Consultant

Key Consultants Deliverables

The consultants are expected to deliver the following key deliverables for the development of a policy brief on adopting the mapping methodology across countries in Africa for the project aimed at enhancing the visibility and network character of existing organizational efforts in the implementation of UN SDGs:

Comprehensive Mapping Methodology:

  • Develop a detailed and comprehensive mapping methodology that outlines the step-by-step process of identifying, categorizing, and visually representing existing CSOs efforts related to the UN SDGs.

Best Practices Documentation:

  • Identify and document best practices observed during the mapping process, showcasing successful strategies employed by organizations to enhance visibility.

Case Studies:

  • Provide case studies highlighting successful instances where organizations have effectively utilized the mapping methodology to enhance their visibility and network character in the context of SDGs.

Stakeholder Engagement Framework:

  • Develop a framework for effective stakeholder engagement, emphasizing strategies to involve diverse stakeholders in the mapping process and foster collaboration among organizations working towards UN SDGs.


  • Conduct an assessment of the scalability of the mapping methodology, considering factors such as resource requirements, technological infrastructure, and adaptability to different country contexts.

Guidelines for Implementation:

  • Provide practical guidelines for the implementation of the mapping methodology, offering insights into potential challenges and recommended solutions for seamless adoption across various African countries.

Feedback Mechanism:

Establish a mechanism for ongoing feedback and improvement, allowing for continuous refinement of the mapping methodology based on user experiences and evolving needs.

Duration – I Month

Remuneration – Payments will be made following the terms agreed between UNA Tanzania and the consultant.

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