Vacancy; National Consultant

Deliverables for Consultant Task: Review Paper on Sensitizing the Public Utilizing Mapping Approach

Comprehensive Review Paper: Develop a detailed review paper outlining the methodologies, strategies, and best practices for sensitizing a wider public using the mapping approach in the context of relevant development initiatives, particularly focusing on SDGs.

Mapping Methodologies Overview: Provide an overview of different mapping methodologies commonly employed in public sensitization efforts, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, and applicability in diverse contexts.

Case Studies and Examples: Include case studies and real-world examples showcasing successful implementations of mapping approaches for public sensitization campaigns. Analyze these cases to extract lessons learned and best practices.

Audience Analysis: Analyze target audiences to understand their demographics, preferences, and information needs. Tailor the mapping approach recommendations to effectively reach and engage diverse segments of the public.

Technology and Tools Assessment: Assess available technologies and mapping tools suitable for public sensitization efforts, considering factors such as accessibility, usability, and cost-effectiveness. Recommend appropriate tools based on the project’s objectives and target audience.

Report Presentation: Present the findings and recommendations in a well-structured and visually appealing format, suitable for dissemination to project stakeholders, policymakers, and other relevant audiences.

Duration – I Month

Remuneration – Payments will be made following the terms agreed between UNA Tanzania and the consultant.

Top of Form

How to Apply – Send your resume and sample of your work on

These deliverables aim to provide valuable insights and practical guidance for utilizing the mapping approach to sensitize a wider public, contributing to the success of initiatives aimed at promoting awareness and engagement with SDGs and other development goals.

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