Vacancy Alert: Regional Consultant

Key Consultants Deliverables, The consultants are expected to deliver the following key deliverables for the development of a policy brief on adopting the mapping methodology across countries in Africa for the project aimed at enhancing the visibility and network character of existing organizational efforts in the implementation of UN SDGs: Comprehensive Mapping Methodology: Develop a […]

Vacancy Alert: National Consultant

Deliverables for Consultant Task: Review Paper on Sensitizing the Public Utilizing Mapping Approach Comprehensive Review Paper: Develop a detailed review paper outlining the methodologies, strategies, and best practices for sensitizing a wider public using the mapping approach in the context of relevant development initiatives, particularly focusing on SDGs. Mapping Methodologies Overview: Provide an overview of […]

April Newsletter

Dear Stakeholder welcome to our April Newsletter! We feel happy to share Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform’s April activities with you. As part of its engagement strategy, building synergy and partnerships with members, Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform is conducting courtesy visits to its members across various thematic focuses. The visits aim to share with members updates […]

February Newsletter

Hello from Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform! We’re happy to share with you our February Newsletter on what we have been doing across the board. Tanzania Sustainable Development Platform is a voluntary and open platform for civil society organizations in Tanzania to come together, self-organize and self- coordinate to ensure their meaningful participation and contribution towards […]